Speech and Communication

The concept of speech & communication

Lalopathology is concerned with studying and evaluation of Human interaction disorder, which are the disorder of speech, language, voice, fluency(stuttering) and swallow disorder.

The terms speech and language have quite different meanings, if your child is suffering from speech problem, then he has utterance problem i.e. coordination of muscles and motions required for speech, but if your child is suffering from language disorder, then he has a problem on what he sees or hears, or he may facing difficulty to find the suitable words and / or arranging such words in sound way for sending a message or conducting speech.

Speech and Communication Disorders Therapy

– The treatment of speech and communication disorder is based on the core understanding of the reasons and nature of the suffered person and circumstances, nowadays it’s quite understood the significance of speech and communication in treatment of language problems and reducing its impact on education and psychological disorders.

– Treatment of those suffering from disorders and delaying in speech, language and hearing and pronunciation disorders.

– Treatment of language’s disorders for children who suffer from language delay due to (injuries) and (Down’s syndrome) (cerebral palsy) (mental backwardness) and (developmental disorders and Austin)

– Treatment of voice disorders, nasal resonance and voice hoarseness.

– Treatment of fluency disorders whether of known origin or unknown like
Stuttering, oxylalia resulting in non-understandable of the speaker beside speech disorder regarding omissions, distortion and replacement.

– Treatment of speech and language disorder resulting from mental problems (aphasia and others)

– Treatment of children who underwent implant of Cochleae or those benefited from hearing aids, the treatment includes oral/ hearing rehabilitation or auditory and oral treatment, in case of delay or limited utilization of the hearing aids, then the treatment shall include improvement of lips reading, speech and/ or other communication systems.

– Treatment of oral- motion disorders e.g. weakness of tongue or lips muscles.

– Treatment of swallow disorders/ eating, and the difficulties in chewing and swallowing.

– Designing an individual language treatment program based on the abilities language’s skills of the patient after full evaluation, the family of the child or the patient will be contributing in the program in order to obtain a considerable success and influence.

The role of speech and language specialist:

Speech and communication specialist is characterized by the following:

  • Patient.
  • Interactive with the children.
  • Exhibiting his feelings and sympathy towards the child beside fairness of emotions.
  • Flexible, he can even change his observations if he found the prescribed method is not sound.
  • His ideas and concepts are quite clear and qualifying him to sit and listen to the children.
  • Has a sense of humor to attract children.
Fully equipped clinic with modern instrument and facilities

High technological speech and communication instruments, concentration and attention devices, speech training tools- breathing boosting tools, Attractive library of storyboards for upgrading the expression language of the children.

What is the reason behind providing Specialist therapy?

Obtain the means that shall help every child to speak and communicate with others besides conducting a comprehensive survey for speech, communication, pronunciation, hearing and swallow disorders for Special Needs children and others.